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In the Pool: Vision System Analyzes Swimmers’ Performance at World Championship

The FINA 2013 World Swimming Championships held in Barcelona, Spain in July 2013 were the stage for the world’s elite of swim sports. Yet it also featured a technological innovation with InThePool 2.0, an image-processing system that captured and analyzed images of the swimmers down to every single stroke. The collected data were distributed to swimmers and their coaches for analysis purposes and also to worldwide media for their broadcast reporting. Read more…. or see the Mako G-125



Let’s Play Ball: Machine Vision Cameras in Professional Baseball

Prosilica GX cameras by Allied Vision Technologies help capture the quick movements of baseball players on the field. Read more... or see Prosilica GX



Safe Sex Starts With Virtual Pillow Fight. Interactive billboard using AVT Manta camera promotes “Designers Against AIDS” charity

Travelers and commuters at Antwerp’s central station (Belgium) enjoyed surprising entertainment as they waited for their train. A huge projection screen had been installed in the ticket hall and people passing by in front of it would see themselves struck by Belgium’s popular top model Hannelore Knuts with a feather-filled pillow. Read more… or see the Manta G145


Giant Billboard on Times Square Uses AVT Camera for Interactive Advertising

Fashion retailer Forever 21’s new flagship store in New-York City features giant computer vision billboard that interacts with consumers. The Big Apple is world famous for spectacular, giant advertising billboards illuminating New York City’s never sleeping night. Over the years, a technology that started with simple light bulbs and neon has evolved to complex, sophisticated display technology broadcasting ground breaking video content. Read more… or see the Prosilica GX1910



Coming to a street near you. Prosilica GC1380C camera captures images for Microsoft Bing Maps Streetside

Launched by Microsoft the Bing search engine has recently broadened its horizon with the revamping of its Bing Maps Streetside service. The service that was launched to compete with Google's Streetview, provides users with the standard 180° 3-D like street views as well as additional information and interactive tools such as driving directions, live traffic information, geo-referenced PhotoSynths or web cam and twitter maps. Read more… or see the Prosilica GC1380.


AVT Cameras Measure Ball Speed in Beach Racket Tournaments in Greece

They uses AVT Prosilica GE680 cameras in a system that measures ball velocity and calculates a team’s score in beach racket games.In order to be able to objectively and accurately keep the score in a beach racket game Read more…. or see the video.