ITS & Traffic Monitoring

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Enabling the latest in traffic monitoring and enforcement technology

The ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) industry is exploding— it’s expected to reach billion by 2020 - due to the continuing surge in the number of cars on the road. Read more… or see the Prosilica GT4907 and the GT6600.


The New Generation of Electronic Toll Collection. High performance machine vision cameras take video tolling to the next level

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) has since been adopted and implemented in many countries across the globe. ETC brings many benefits, including vehicle free-flow, reduced traffic congestion, a decrease in harmful emissions and lower vehicle operating costs to name a few. Read more… or see the Manta G125B.



Parking Automation in Dubai. How machine vision technology brings relief to Dubai commuters

Dubai's rapid economic growth in the past 10 years has transformed the city. With a population increasing from 860,000 in 2000 to 1.9 million* in 2011 and the number of registered vehicles on the road reaching just over 1 million* traffic chaos and parking have become a daily headache. How do you solve a problem like traffic congestion?  Read more… or see the Prosilica GC1290.