Industrial inspection

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Good Vibrations. Predictive maintenance completed by vibration analysis is achieved with the help of Allied Vision.  

Does this sound familiar?  You begin driving your car and feel some level of vibration you never felt before.  Instantly, it’s understood something is wrong and may have to be replaced.  Vibrations can be quite informative in detecting faults in machinery.  Consider the manufacturing industry. Read more… or see the Prosilica GX 1050


High-Speed Imaging Accelerates Wind Tunnel Measurements, real-time measurements and drastically reduce costs of wind tunnel use.

Even with all the advances in computer modeling, actual aerodynamics tests in wind tunnels remain indispensable for industries such as air and space travel or automotive design and construction. The measurements that wind tunnels allow are extremely cost-intensive; only a rare few companies can afford their own wind tunnel. Read more...


Crystal-Clear Inspection: Innovative Glass Inspection System

Glass – a challenging product to inspect.As in any mass-production industry, automated inspection and quality control using industrial image processing can significantly improve quality assurance and productivity of glass tableware manufacturing. However, inspecting glass brings specific challenges Read more… or see the Guppy Pro F-201B or the Stingray F145B.


High-Performance Imaging System with 26 Cams puts SUV instrument panel carrier to ultimate test.

At the BMW factory in Landshut, Germany, an on-site testing facility using digital cameras from Allied Vision Technologies tests instrument panel carrier frames for the MINI Countryman. Read more… or see the Guppy F-033.