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Image Processing Automates Eyeglass Fitting

Imagine that you wear varifocal glasses and need new ones. You go to an optometrist and, without time consuming adaptations, measuring or trying on frame after frame, you look at yourself in a mirror and voila! your chosen frame is on your nose. Read more…


Circuit Breakers - Sensata Technologies

GigE camera, special oven, and image-processing algorithms test snap point of bimetal disks. Hair dryers can consume up to 1875 W of power to produce hot-air flow up to 140°F, or the maximum temperature the typical human scalp can handle without burningRead more…


Closing the Ring – NP Plastics

FireWire cameras, LED lighting, and software check for defects on plastic rings used to secure binders. NP Plastics, a Dutch injection-molded plastics manufacturer, produces small plastic rings–among its many other products. Read more….