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Efficient Shrimp Sorting with MVTec Halcon

MVTec HALCON makes shrimp sorting fast and efficient. The shrimp sorting system from De Boer RVS uses our machine vision software HALCON to distinguish relevant catch (shrimps) from not-relevant by-catch in real-time. Read more…


Machine vision tests ripeness of fruit

As with all fruit, certain characteristics, such as size, weight, color, and damage to the outside or inside of the fruit determine the product quality and price. Alongside the size and weight, color and surface characteristics play an important role in marketing dates. Read more… or see the Prosilica GC1290C.


Molds in the Machine

Machine vision system inspects plastic moldings for the food industry.Disposable plastic moldings used in the food industry are often produced in high volumes,requiring systems that can operate efficiently at very high speed without causing any damage. Read more….