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WheelWatch system equipped with high-speed cameras from Mikrotron

AICON 3D Systems GmbH is one of the world's leading providers of optical camera-based 3D measurement systems. With WheelWatch, the company provides a simple solution to high-precision 6D acquisition of wheel motions. The centerpiece of this system is the EoSens® high-speed camera from Mikrotron. Read more…



Bin Picking system with Allied Vision cameras makes robots see and pick objects in a 3D room

In robotics and vision systems, picking refers to the combined process of identifying an object using a vision system, the determination of its position in the space and its subsequent picking and transfer to the destination point using a robotized system. Read More…


Monitoring topography of micro parts with short cycle times and high quality

3D-Shape GmbH performs complex surface measurements using the principle of white light interferometry, advanced sensors, 3D image processing and powerful camera technology from Mikrotron. Fast 3D image processing technologies are becoming more and more important for quality control. Read More…


Why VARTA uses a Mikrotron MotionBLITZ® Cube2 camera for process optimization

At VARTA Consumer Batteries in Dischingen, one of the world’s largest producers of batteries, the compact high-speed MotionBLITZ® Cube2 camera has proven to be an extremely useful technology in a range of production processes. It has allowed them to detect and correct a number of problems and error sources in plant design and process planning. Read more..


How high-speed cameras reveal errors in plant operation

Plant operators are often faced with a puzzle: What causes unexplained shutdowns? What are the reasons for unanticipated wastage? Our high-speed cameras are able to record even very fast system processes and deliver high definition videos of the error. Read more.. Or see EoSens®